NASCO Joins Consortium Health Plans as an Associate Partner

Consortium Heath Plans understands the importance of client relationships and the value that a network of well-established, best-in- class business partners can add to these relationships. In addition, given our member Plans’ interest in expanding the market perspective and reach of Blue assets, Consortium recently established a new level of membership – Associate Partner – to foster greater collaboration and strategic alignment among Consortium, Blue assets, and Blue Cross® Blue Shield®(BCBS) Plans. We are pleased to announce that NASCO® has joined Consortium as our first Associate Partner Member effective September 1, 2017.

As an Associate Partner, NASCO joins forces with Consortium, Blue Plans, and other partners to deliver a stronger, unified message and a broader suite of healthcare solutions. NASCO’s team will work alongside Consortium member Plans, building on our historic strengths of relationship and collaboration, to enhance Blue value through combined expertise, capabilities, and solutions.

Together, our organizations will leverage opportunities for greater innovation, collaboration, and growth for BCBS Plans.


NASCO is owned by and exclusively serves Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans across the nation. The company’s integrated suite of administrative solutions helps Blue Plans address unique business challenges and revolutionizes business operations. NASCO provides seamless benefit management, eligibility, membership, billing, and claims processing support for Blue Plan customers, allowing them to provide competitive healthcare products in federal, state, and multistate markets for more than 24 million members.

NASCO’s partnership with multiple Blue Plans provides a community that fosters the collaboration needed to deliver shared solutions while balancing speed-to-market goals with Plan-specific needs. NASCO is dedicated to helping the Blues build a better healthcare system for America.

About Consortium Health Plans, Inc.

Consortium Health Plans was founded in 1994 by member Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) Plans to provide a central coordination point for member Plans that have national account clients. Consortium provides the sales, analytics, and marketing support necessary to ensure that BCBS remains the preferred carrier for large national employers.

Today, Consortium remains the only sales and marketing entity that focuses exclusively on BCBS Plans’ national account growth efforts. BCBS Plans serve more than 26 million national account members; of those, nearly 25 million hail from Consortium’s 21 member Plans.